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Sports Vision Therapy

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Did you know that almost 80 percent of perceptual input in sports is visual? An athlete may have 20/20 vision, but this only means he can see an object clearly; it doesn’t mean he can tell where the object is in space, how fast it’s traveling, or whether it’s changing direction.

With sports vision therapy at TSO Georgetown, you can train your eye muscles to work better for you and enhance your performance—just as you would train your biceps. New methods focus solely on the eye muscles and retrain the way the brain processes visual imagery.

Sports Vision Enhancement Therapy

Sports vision enhancement therapy, or SVE, is a series of techniques and procedures that are used to train an individual’s eyes to work together with the body. Athletes in many different sports, the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL, use SVE to improve their performance. Many noted athletes have benefited from sports vision enhancement therapy, including Red Sox great Wade Boggs and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman.

Sports vision enhancement therapy helps you to improve your peripheral vision, eye-hand coordination, and overall visual acuity. With the right therapist and the right program, you as an athlete can gain an edge over everyone else on the field.

Sports Vision Therapy in Georgetown, TX

The Texas State Optical Vision Therapy Center of Georgetown offers evaluations and therapies that are individually designed to improve sports vision skills. These evaluations go above and beyond the normal eye exam: They help to improve your eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, focusing, eye teaming, peripheral awareness, tracking, and visualization skills. Our vision therapy center offers programs that are designed to evaluate and enhance the visual skills of all types of athletes.

Eye training is customized to suit the demands of specific sports, so baseball players receive training beneficial to baseball players, golfers receive training beneficial to golfers, and so on. An eye workout can be just as intense as a leg or arm workout in the gym, and sports vision testing and evaluation can mean the difference between just being competitive and having an edge over other players.

Schedule an appointment today at Texas State Optical Georgetown and find out about how we help athletes in all sports raise the level of their game.

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